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A public debate on Luxembourg’s fight against climate change

 September 2022 


Is Luxembourg able and willing to do more to combat climate change? And, if so, how?

Taking place from late January to early July 2022, the Klima-Biergerrot (Citizens’ Assembly on the Climate) is bringing together a representative sample of 100 people living or working in Luxembourg. Meeting around 15 times, they have been tasked with discussing Luxembourg’s current commitments as regards combating climate change, and with developing possible additional measures or proposals.


The Klima-Biergerrot will build on the measures already in place to give current climate policy new impetus, drawn directly from Luxembourg society. At the end of this process, the Klima-Biergerrot’s recommendations will be presented to the Luxembourg Parliament, where they will be debated, and are then likely to influence the new version of the Integrated National Energy and Climate Plan (NECP).

Klima Biergerrot Advisory Committee

Its role and composition

The independent advisory committee includes experts with diverse perspective on citizens' participation and deliberative processes, as well as practitioners and researchers. The committee members have not been involved in the design of the KBR. Instead, the committee's work is to advise and support the KBR coordinating group in light of their own areas of expertise.

Advisory committee meetings to date took place on March 10th 2022, May 5th 2022, and June 9th 2022.


The members of the Advisory Committee are:

Dr. Léonie de Jonge

University of Groningen

Dr. Dominik Hierlemann

Bertelsmann Stiftung

Dr. Raphaël Kies

University of Luxembourg, Platform Luxembourgeoise de la Démocratie Participative (PLDP)

Dr. Alina Ostling

Open Knowledge Sweden

Dr. Emilien Paulis

University of Luxembourg

Dr. Prof. Jean-Benoit Pilet

Université de Bruxelles

Dr. Prof. Min Reuchamps

Université catholique de Louvain

Dr. Prof. Graham Smith

University of Westminster, Foundation for Democracy and Sustainable Development (FDSD)

Jürgen Stoldt

Stoldt Associés, Coordinating group Biergerkommitee 2050

Lisa Verhasselt

University of Luxembourg


Events & Registration

As part of the Klima-Biergerrot, which will meet in the first half of 2022, several public events will take place. These events and the corresponding details can be found on this page.


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Kick-Off of the Klima-Biergerrot

Sat, 29 Jan | Online conference

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